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On this Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change, I thought I’d offer a short answer to this complex and intriguing question. In a nutshell, remembering who we are is a spiritual practice (more about that next week), which contributes to our spiritual development, which expands our consciousness of the universe we are part of, which gives us a vision of the whole, which helps us understand that nature reflects the qualities and attributes of its Creator and should therefore be greatly respected and cherished, which confirms that all things are interconnected and depend upon and flourish according to the law of reciprocity, which confirms for us that the oneness of humanity is the fundamental spiritual and social truth shaping our time.

In remembering that we have been created from the same source as every other substance in creation, we recognize how important the protection of even the smallest element of the environment is, and further what an enormously complex challenge conserving the earth’s resources is. Biological and cultural diversity is the core of the rich natural and spiritual heritage we share as human beings. To show any less regard for any one element of this whole would be like showing less regard to any one of our own multiple identities or allegiances, or even to any one of the vastly diverse organs in our own body, because they each add their own richness, essentialness, and vitality in completing the whole.

Understanding nature as the embodiment of the Creator, and as the unfoldment of divine will, engenders deep respect for the entire whole. Every part of the universe is connected to every other part. This calls for action that sustains the inherent balance of the whole. When one thing in the environment, in the universe, is caused to change by any other thing, all things are changed. (For more detail on these thoughts, see the essay at this link: http://statements.bahai.org/95-0406.htm.)

What has happened so often in the last couple of centuries is that the actions of some have impacted others far beyond the bounds of their reach. Acts of carelessness, disregard, and even acts of legislation, have brought about changes on the land which have caused very slight changes in the temperature of oceans which have caused violent weather which has brought great hardship to people living far from those oceans. That’s because everything is tied together. If we remembered who we are, that at our essence we are linked to every other living thing on this earth, there might not be so many careless acts that make so many unanticipated changes to everything that surrounds us, including the climate.

A 6th way to review your life story – remembering that our soul comes from the same source as everything else in this creation, and that our soul connects us to all the diversity in the creation, what can we do, what have we already done, that acknowledges and maintains our oneness with the creation? This is your chance to think of a green story that illustrates in some way how or why we are all connected in one great big web of delicate life on this planet. It would be wonderful if you chose to share this story with others here on this special day.

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